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Take It To The Cross Ministry

Take It To The Cross Prayer Ministry is Freedom Life's method for ensuring that the needs of our church and community are met with fervent prayer, not just on Sundays, but every day of the week. Prayer Cards are filled-out and attached to our beautifully constructed cross. During the week, our prayer ministry team reviews these cards for the topics to take to God during their prayer time.



Ladies Ministry

Barbie Lacy-Women's Ministries President
Barbara Lacy,
Ladies Ministries Director

The Ladies Ministry of Freedom Life Church of God is a vital and exciting ministry dedicated to the ladies of the church. Under the leadership of Barbara Lacy, the ladies meet on a monthly basis for Bible study, fellowship and to work on projects.

This ministry is composed of women with a sincere desire to serve the Kingdom of God. They have a desire to seek God on behalf of their families, to worship Him and fellowship one with another.

The Ladies Ministries are also involved in many projects. They are currently working on publishing a cookbook, raising funds to replace the carpet in the sanctuary and planning a ministry to shut-ins.

All ladies are invited to join us on the last Monday of each month at 6:30 pm. If you have a sincere desire to work in the Kingdom of God, we welcome you to become a part of the Ladies Ministry at Freedom Life Church of God.


Freedom Life Youth Department

Assistant Pastor Jim Krieger
Pastor Jim Krieger,
Youth Pastor

Every Wednesday at 6:30, our 13-18 year olds learn what it means to truly soar with God. So many of today’s teenagers are dragged down by peer pressure and the desire to compromise their faith - thinking that they can live however they like during the week as long as they show up to church on Sunday. In FLY, we challenge them to shake off the bondages that this world places on them and instead, live a set-free life that is dedicated to God. We know that we will get direction for the road ahead only when we develop a close, personal relationship with God. We will have a life that is blessed and full of joy when we choose to live for God on a daily basis. Our lessons are filled with God's Word and practical application for their daily lives, giving teens the tools and guidance they need to overcome the lies that this world throws at them. Activities, outreaches and international missions help us to put into practice what we believe, while simply having fun being part of the family of God!


Treasure Cove Children's Church

Jennifer Krieger-Nursery & Children's Church Director
Jennifer Krieger,
Nursery & Children's Church Director

On Sunday mornings, Treasure Cove offers children (ages 6 to 12) an exciting worship experience, fun games and an engaging time of learning directly from the Bible.  Every child earns golden "Cove Coins" that can be used to purchase all types of prizes from the Treasure Cove store!


Treasure Reef Nursery

In Treasure Reef, our 0-5 year olds learn the foundation of who God is and how much He loves them.  This is not your average nursery class! Your child's time is spent seeing stories from the Bible come alive with pictures, puppets and flannel characters, with crafts and coloring that support the day's lesson.  Worship is lively and fun and teaches your children to worship God because He is their greatest superhero! Playtime and snacks complete the day, with an information page sent home every week to let you know what we talked about and how you can reinforce the lesson at home during the week. Your children are sure to want to come back to spend more time learning about their amazing God in our fun, under-the-sea themed room.


Thrive  :::  Connect. Grow. Serve.

Mark and Lindsey Markland,
Thrive Ministries Directors


Thrive is a movement of Young Adults (18-30) who come together from all walks of life to connect with God, then people, and learn to live life to the fullest in Him. Our focus is raising up a generation of world changers equipped with His purpose and sending them out to impact their world for Jesus. Our services are about passionate worship, prayer, and life-changing teaching to help them grow in the Word of God. Our weekly gatherings are every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.